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Strive to be the best at what we do. We are Intermine, and we will keep pushing to grow and improve on who we are. We want to be the best!


  • to people
  • to the environment
  • to property

Being Ethical in all our dealings.

  • Ethical with all employees
  • Ethical with suppliers
  • Ethical with customers

Intermine Vision

To become Industry Leaders within Structural, Mechanical, Piping & Platework Construction Industry by building a long-term sustainable company which provides for all its employees by providing excellent service to our customers and earning a fair return on the value we deliver

Mission Statement

Providing our clients with full turnkey solutions by fully utilizing knowledge and skills which we have acquired. Pride in our quality and pricing of our products and services


Intermine Agencies was established inWelkom in 1983 to supply steel pipe, flanges and fittings to the Gold Mining Industry. The success of the organisation progressed into an expansion that saw the establishment of a specialist workshop that catered for the fabrication of piping used in plant and overland pipelines. This workshop further developed the capability to corrosion protect this piping. This unique capability gave Intermine Agencies the opportunity to expand its product offering into the Civil Engineering sector, supplying fabricated piping used for water reticulation projects countrywide. The expertise developed by Intermine Agencies in the fabrication of its products created a demand for the fabrication and onsite installation of steel supporting structures. In 1999, an experienced team of construction specialists was formed to install fabricated items on-site for our clients.

The primary component supply and the fabrication of piping and steel continues to be focussed in our Welkom facility. In 2000 the expansion of our product demand in the Platinum Industry led to us establishing a branch office in Rustenburg to directly service our customers in this region.

Intermine Agencies has over its almost 30 years built a proud history of supplying high quality product and components to a demanding customer base. Key to our success has been our dedication to the completion of work that it has undertaken on time and within budget. Recent projects include:

• Erection of a 77m GRP stack with support steelwork
• Fabrication,supply and erection of Toll Handling facilities including, buildings comprising cellular beams and all sheeting and mechanical items.
• Fabrication and erection of a tailings plant, including supplying and laying rubber lined pipelines, thickeners and mixing tanks.
• Manufacture and site erection of 1100m3 storage tanks.

• Six In line furnace rebuilds and maintenance.
• Converter and furnace fugitive/off-gas duct work including structural supports.
• In-plant and overland pipelines.
• Supply, fabrication and corrosion protection of piping in both carbon and stainless steel for various water authorities and contractors involved in water reticulation.
• Bulk Air Cooler pipework,structural and mechanicals.

Our combined expertise in piping,structural steel and sitework will complete your project with the highest regard for safety, engineering standards, costs and quality.


Structural Steel Manufacturing

Platework Fabrication

Mechanical Support Fabrication

Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Fabrication

Pipe and Fitting Fabrication, Mild / Carbon / Stainless Steel

Hardwearing Plates

HDPE Piping & Fittings

SMPP Turnkey Project work including civils

Green & Brownfields Work

Furnace Steelwork, supply and installation


Fibre and Galvanised Grating


Corrosion Protection to customer specifications



Supply, Fabricate and Corrosion Control of 70m³,  50m³, 30m³, 10m³ and 5m³  Float Cells for Tailing Technology – 300 tonnes
Supply, fabricate and install 904 SS Acid Stack Hood and 316 SS Platform at 70m
Merensky Platform Installation: 14tons installed in 3 lifts at a radius of 30m and height of 48m
Fabricate and Supply of 700 tons furnace steelwork : 4-month duration.
Supply & fabricate 3CR12 Mixing Chamber
500NB CA Overland Pipeline
Silo Rehab Project – 2017 to date


Eland Shaft – Column Replacement
Import, supply, fabricate and deliveryz
600 tons of 250NB Sdh 140 ASTM A105 Piping


Chromite Removal Plant

2017 – 2018
Structural Steel = 135 tonnes
Chutes and Platework = 30 tonnes
Mechanical Items = 45 tonnes
Steel and HDPE Piping
Duration 7 months


CV02 Slag Conveyor – 130m Brown Fields
Full Design, Civils & SMPP
2019 – current


Smelter, UG2, Central Concentrator, Transport & Tailings
Full SMPP Contract work

Supply, Fabricate, Corrosion Protection, Maintenance and Installation:
Furnace Rebuilds – 6 in line
Bulk Air Cooler
Toll Handling
Acid Stack Hood – 904 SS supply, fabricate and install
Acid Tank build & repairs
Thickener Repairs
Tank fabrication and installation
Launders fabrication and installation
Pipe fabrication and installation
Silo Rehab Works
Greenfields & Brownfields work
2001 to date

It's easy to see why INTERMINE is one of the most trusted companies in the mining sector.

John, Satisfied Client

I literally could not be happier that I chose to deal with INTERMINE. Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time I visit my new site!

Amazing work! You didn’t just do a great job, you blew us away.

Dries, Mine Manager, Welkom



1 : There is no job worth doing in an unsafe manner
2 : I will look after my safety and that of my fellow man
3 : I will not partake in any unsafe actions nor will I allow unsafe actions
4 : Every action I take is inherently safe
5: I commit to my family and dependents to always act in  a safe manner


Level 4 BEE Company

We are committed to the procurement of local raw manufactured products hence producing proudly locally manufactured products.

We are currently in the process of accreditation with SABS for local content.

Aligned to our BBBEE Targets we actively seek suppliers who are Youth Black Female Owned and Operated.


We have built our own in house workflow management system which considers full life cycle of SMPP work – it is an ongoing process

Our target is to achieve full accreditations by mid 2021

  • Our welders are currently qualified under ASME IX and AWS D1.1
  • We use pulse welding to minimize distortion and splatter

With the continued need for improvement the following ISO systems are in the implementation phase:

  • ISO 45001 : Occupational Health & Safety
  • ISO 14001 : Environmental Management
  • ISO 3834 : Quality requirements for the fusion welding of metallic materials.
  • ISO 9001 : Quality Management Systems


Address: 19 13th St, Voorspoed, Welkom, 9460
Phone: 057 355 2391

Address: 25 Vanadium St, Rustenburg, 0299
Phone: 014 596 5225

Furnace Rebuild

Furnace Rebuild

March 31, 2021



March 31, 2021

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

March 31, 2021